Can not extend Curve due to error

I can not extend curves due to error which states that it’s unable to extend curve equally. Curves differ by -0.25.

At first I did not even understood what -0.25 is but just realised that it’s radians and it’s actually stating that my lines are 180 degrees rotated.

So if this error is accurate does it mean that this component can’t handle extending curves if they are rotated from one another?

Thank you for your help in advance!


Jonas Blazinskas

This is very interesting, could you share your Dynamo Files and your corresponding Revit / Civil Files?

Here is the dynamo graph. Just draw any floor and select with the first node.Floor.dyn (39.8 KB)

Well, i have actually no idea what creates this problem, but i have a good solution:

Floor Fixed 10-01-2020.dyn (39.7 KB)

Thank you, would still love to see an explanation by some one as to what the hell happened there.