Curve rationalization plug in problem

Hi everyone,

I created a curve rationalization that worked fine with the original curve. I now have to replace it with a different curve which can’t be read properly. Is someone able to figure the problem out?

I attached the files as well as a picture of the error.

20170220_Curve Problem.rvt (400 KB)
20170220 CURVE CALC.dyn (140.0 KB)

Thank you so much!

I can’t tell only from this screenshot, but are you sure all the points are lying on the curve?

@viktor_kuzev Thanks for your comment. Check out the attached file. The points are created from the curve (center point of the curves).
The problem must be related to the line import from revit. Dynamo does calculate everything properly if I only select parts of the curves.

I think for some reason the node is missing some points. Anyway you should be able to accomplish the same thing like this:

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Thank you very much. This seems to work in some instances Dynamo still has issues with some curves.