Curve.Extrude operation failed

I’m using Dynamo 2.3.0 into Revit2020 and I would extrud e simply geometry but I’cant because in the knode Curve.Extrude show this message: Warning: Curve.Extrude operation failed. Unable to compute edge from curve : NO_CUR_BB – no current bulletin board exists

I try in Dynamo Sandbox 2.8.0 it’s ok.

Can I solve this error in Dynamo for Revit?

Thank you!

What is your input?

closed curves cannot be extended i think

Closed Curves extrude, but I’m guessing all Geometry is failing.

Is the message the same on all nodes? My guess is there is something keeping the Dynamo environment from launching all the way. Can you post your Dynamo log for review?

I solved but I’m not scure how. I closed revit and run it again.

Thank you everyone