Problem extending curve


I have a Curve and I would like to extend one end by certain distance after offsetting. However, the Curve.Extend node is having problem. It says Unable to Extend Curve Equally. Note that this curve is a polycurve

Then you can try a PolyCurve.Curves node:

I tried. It says “No function called Curves on a Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry.Curve could be found” Also, i want to make this method generic enough that the the method could take in any curve. Thank you

You could need to convert your Revit curves to Dynamo curves first:

I have done so. My input curves are dynamo curve

Please send the whole graph with additional information, and see first if this has not been adressed before:

My group and a few others ran into something that sounded like this a few times during the Beyond AEC Hackathon last weekend, The best explaination and workaround I could give was as follows:

Sometimes after you offset a polycurve it stops being a polycurve and starts being a curve that is built of evil… it’s too complex to use normal curve functions on, but isn’t a polycurve anymore so those functions are out as well. The brute force solution is to explode it, extend the one edge you want to edit, and then re-create it as a polycurve from the various elements.


yeah I wrote my own extend definition in the end. Take one end of the curve, create a line according to the tangent vector at that point then join with the existing curve

Care to share so others can refer to this later on?

I want to leave a stupid-not so stupid solution for this “curves of offset polycurve” issue.
Use surface by patch then get the perimeter curves of the surface.