Cant find Curve.DivideEqually command

I was doing an exersise with Dynamo 1.0 for revit, and then I cant find the command Curve.DivideEqually, I want to know how to get it,
PLease tell me. :confused:


It has been changed to “Curve.PointsAtEqualSegmentLength” in Dynamo 1.0 onward.

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Hi thanks for your comment, but m
may be I dont know how to apply it, can you help me with this exercise ? Im doing my first building in dynamo :S

There are actually two options.
The respective node descriptions should explain the difference between them.

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Hey, sorry I had a tutorial and there it explain how to use that command for doing floor types, can you help me with that point, for instance I try with that command but now I dont know how to aplly it correctly look…

@arqmort The obvious error in the image posted by you is that you’ve extracted points from the ellipse and fed it to a node that is expecting curves (PolyCurve.ByJoinedCurves)

Seems like what you’re actually attempting is to split the ellipse into a number of component curves
You could do that like this…

mm this is the complete exercise, Im about to make all the floors of the building

Finally it works !! thanks a lot man :slight_smile:

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