Can Dynamo pull data from a calculate value parameter?


I believe the reason my script is pulling some data, but not other data is because it is a “calculated value” in a revit schedule. Can you confirm that Dynamo cannot pull a calculated value parameter’s data? This seems odd to me, but just want to confirm. Thanks!



Dynamo uses Revit API so yes it can be done. Look for SteamNodes in package manager. I did a node for this. Find references in my blog from here:

and here:

Have fun.

Hello Julien,


Thank you for your Steamnodes package. Will this allow manipulation to calculated grand totals from schedules? It is necessary to take one grand total of a calculated parameter and subtract from another grand total.


Thank you

Thank you Julien!


Thanks for forwarding. Is the formatting correct on this? I’m getting null values.


look at your String input, this is not a string; should be “occ load”.

Thanks for the reply Julien. I don’t follow. The “Schedule.Get Calculated Values” component is or is not looking for a string input for “Calc. Val. Name (string)”? I have the string inputted, and tried changing to the same syntax you typed all lowercase “occ load”. I still can’t get it to work. However since upgrading do 7.5 I am getting “empty list” now in lieu of null values. However, note I do have values. See below


Here is how i was able to achieve what your looking for. Try using the “code block” node, i always seem to have better results. For some reason it extracted an extra value blank so i had to remove it from the list. The best way i know to add all values of a list together is used Lunchbox tool “Mass Addition” for this you have to convert your area to a Number via String then back to number. Let me know if you find an easier workflow




Looking at your screen shot, it appears the Occ Load parameter is in a grouped header. I predict if you ungroup the header, the node will work. I recognize this is a very old topic, but the node is still available and perhaps the original author can figure out a way to make it work with grouped headers.