List total values from Schedules in Revit

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I’m a freshman in Dynamo. I need your help to reduce my freshness :).

I’m in trouble with Schedule in Revit. I have a lot of schedules to calculate the value of: Site Coverage, Garden Area, Site Permeability with both in Area and Percentage.

Now I want to create a list of that total calculate Parameters, somethings like below:

SITE AREA_____________: X m2 (Get from Project Parameter on Area + Project Information)
SITE COVERAGE_______: X1 m2_________Y1% (Total value from Site coverage Schedule)
SITE PERMEABILITY____: X2 m2_________Y2% (Total value from Site Permeability Schedule)
GARDEN AREA________: X3 m2_________Y3% (Total value from Garden Area Schedule)

Could you please show me the right way to do?

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Hi @daotangluc ,

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Thanks for your guidelines. I’m working on that. Still struggle but have some small steps.

I started to create on Dynamo like the image.
I can export the value from Site Area (Project Parameter) to Excel file
but how could I get the total value of other Calculate Parameter (Site Coverage, Site Permeability, Garden Area)

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@daotangluc You can create a list of all parameters like this:

Set lacing to longest

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Thank you so much,

I discover another issue, SITE AREA is Project Information, but the others are Areas

So I change the codes, but the new issue is how could I get the total value of one Calculate Parameter?


This could help ?

Thank you so much.
Now, I can get the value from schedule, but I can’t summarize the value with SUM
Which is my mistake?


Use a Object.Type node and check your data. Math.Sum can just add integers/doubles


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I check, but the object type is null.

What happened with the values?




@salvatoredragotta: thanks for your help,

So I succeeded to export to excel as image.

But now, how could I import that excel to drafting view/Legend?

Or could I put the values to Text parameter and show in another schedule?

@daotangluc Glad you to hear!. Please mark this topic as solved and start a new topic for your new issue.

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