Write Calculated Value to a Shared Parameter

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I attempted something I thought would be relatively easy, but hit a quick road block. I’m trying to take a calculated value (Occupant Load) and write that information to a shared parameter that could then be a part of a tag.

It seems that extracting the data from a calculated value requires a SteamNodes node, which I’ve tried, yet I’m still not quite understanding the workflow.

If this wasn’t a calculated value, I would do the following screenshot. Is there a simple way to do the same if the Get Parameter value (in my example, it would be the “Unbounded Height”) is a calculated value?


Any minute now one of the resident Python gurus will supply the proper solution, but in the meantime: you can get the Room geometry and calculate the height in Dynamo yourself.

You just need to remember where the calculated values reside and that is inside the schedule. Once you make sure that your rooms list and your schedule are following the same order, you can set your desired parameter just as any other parameter:




I have also done this without using the calculated value, but rather had Dynamo do the math. You just pull the area and the Occ/sf parameters, do the math then put the number back in. This keeps you from having to sort by a name or number.

Thank you both for the suggestions!

Sean, having Dynamo do the math is a great idea and I was able to get it to work.

Dimitar, I’d love to get your setup working as well. I followed along, but hit a snag at the SortByKey node. Mine actually looks different than yours and throws back an error. I’m using Dynamo Any ideas?

Hi John,

Sorry, I forgot to mention that that node was renamed to “SortByFunction” in 0.9.

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Fantastic - thank you Dimitar - I was able to get it to work! Last thing I needed to do was convert the string to a number (The OL Tag parameter is set to be an integer). See attached screenshot for final solution. Thanks again!!