Dynamo node: change Furniture tag to Multi-category tag?


I have a problem, I need to change all furniture tags, to multi-category tags. To do that, I need to re-tag, all the furniture, because I can’t change the family (tag) category from furniture to multi-category.

Is it possible, to create node with dynamo, to solve this problem? I found out that this can be made with simple macro, but no further information, about the script.

Thanks in advance, for any help!

Is it possible to change one family with different other, for example, to change door family with window family? Can someone give me guidelines how to make that happen?

Hi @user05.designcell

Yes it possible:

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Hello Kulkul,
I have the same problem mensioned above, I need to change furniture tag, to multi-category tag. Can you show how to do that with dynamo?

I tried the same method and it worked with tags, but can you tell me, how to know what to type in code block?

Select the nodes, rightclick anywhere (not on the nodes themselves), choose “nodes to add to the code” or something similar (If this is what you are trying to achieve)

Okay, when I change Furniture tags to Multi-category tags, now I need to change, furniture family label information. For example now multi-category tag takes information from Type mark, and I want to change that to be from Mark. How to rewrite the same information, from type mark to mark, or how to replace type mark with mark. Also furniture is in linked files…

I guess you should change the tag family in the revit environment.
If you google “revit dynamo tag linked elements” you can find some useful infos:

Hi KulKul,

I too have a similar issue. I am wanting to replace all existing Electrical Fittings Tags with Multi Category tags and maintain the same appearance. I have over 10000 tags to replace and your help will be very much appreciated.
However unfortunately your image is no longer available. Do you mind reposting?

Thanks in Advance