Camber Feedback Thread

Can you share a screenshot of the what the geometry looks like in Dynamo?

Just about the same (this is the geometry from the Autocad-screenshot in my prior post):

By the way: the yellow warning signs are from geometry-scaling. I’m working with large coordinates and it is set to medium.
Also: Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

It looks like there aren’t the same number of map features in Dynamo-geometry form as there are in model space. The sample line geometry and the intersection points look correct based on what is shown. So I think it’s probably an issue with the map features (or something else in the graph) and not the sample line.

I’m unable to reproduce this. Can you share a DWG and DYN with the issue?

I could really use an option to set a starting station for an alignment while creating it. Currently using the AlignmentExtensions.CreateAlignmentByPolyline from the Civil3DToolkit. Whaddya say @mzjensen… Want to one-up the ol’ C3D Toolkit? :wink:

It would also be useful to be able to set a specific band set for a given profile view as it’s being created in Dynamo, or to assign a band set after creation.

Do you know if the Arkance Systems package allows for either of those?

This is Amazing!

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Unless I have overlooked something (which is always possible) it does not appear that Arkance allows for either setting the start station of an alignment or setting a specific band set for a given profile view.

That is on the wish list.

@jason.kreger these nodes are now available in v4.1.3.


@mzjensen If our paths ever cross at a conference or something, I owe you a beer (or several :beer: :beer: :beer:). Thank you!


AU 2022? :thinking:


We all owe Zachri a beer. :joy: