D4C3D - AU22 - (not) impromptu meet?

Saw this post in the Camber Feedback Thread: Camber Feedback Thread - #273 by jason.kreger

Why not setting an informal meet at AU ? We can use this thread to discuss :slight_smile: Would be great to put a face to many in this forum !

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I would certainly enjoy that! Sadly, I’m not attending AU this year, but several of my colleagues are. I’ll happily keep this in mind for next year, though!

Anyone else going to the community meetup?



I am enrolled

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Yepp, first Event I enrolled to :wink:

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There are also the community meetups, which while full you can always try to grab one of the seats from someone who registered but decided to not attend. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Should have linked to this before: Dynamo Office Hours: Live at Autodesk University 2022 - Autodesk Community

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I will join online