Camber Feedback Thread

Great ! Thanks @mzjensen you are really doing great work !!! Appreciate your help.

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In the process of rolling out automation tools for the keynoting processes for my new company. Was able to quickly automate the placement of dynamic pipe network labels thanks to the camber package. Big thanks Zachri. Appreciate ya!!!

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Are those labels connected to their respective pipe network objects with their leader visibilty turned off?

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That is correct!

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This ROCKS! Way to go!!


The Package is AMAZING.
But… i miss the contour and the userdefinedcontour analysis for the surfaces…
I hope there will be at some point :sweat_smile:

Hi all Camber users ! I am trying to use “PressurePipeRunFollowProfile” node, but it keeps giving me this error

any ideas ??

Can you zoom out a little further and show where the inputs are coming from?

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@genossealex I will keep it in mind!

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Is there a node for xref clipping with a selected polyline?

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Not yet

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for the xref.insertfromfile node, I’d also suggest an input for layer :+1:

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Hi All ! I am having a strange issue with " PressurePartAddToProfileView" node where it throws " Operation failed, Invalid open state " .

Any ideas ??

I even tried passing individual item to the node instead of a list, and the same issue persists.

@mzjensen Hi mzjensen ! In fact it gave me another error as depicted in the picture attached.

Hi Guys! I’ve found a brief explanation to the problem but still didn’t manage to get a debugging solution

I feel like there was a reason why I didn’t do that but I can’t think of it now, so it must not have been a very good one :slightly_smiling_face:
I will revisit that.

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Thanks for reporting @Ahmed_Ramy, I’ll take a look.

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Once again I’m fooling around with an idea and once again I’m stuck!
I have an alignment, a sample line and GIS-data (a shape file) and I want to draw the points of intersections of the shape-polygons and the sample line in a section view.

It does work but there’s an issue:
On the left side of my sample line, all intersection-points are calculated but on the right side only the first one is take into account:

SampleLine.Geometry puts out a PolyCurve with “NumberOfCurves = 2” which I assume is one curve for the left and on for the right side. But no matter the lacing, I somehow can’t access polygons 5 and 6.

Unfortunately I can’t upload *.zip or *.shp so I hope this works:

02_ParcelsInSectionviews_simplified.dyn (54.0 KB)
Testdrawing_Simplified.dwg (999.3 KB)

Does it work if you intersect the map feature geometry and the sample line geometry by just using the OOTB Geometry.Intersect node?

You mean like this?

Still the same results!

When I reverse the alignment direction it functions the same: All points to the left are taken into account, not the points to the right - so I thought that it’d have something to do with the way I access the sampleline.