Civil 3D Styles Nodes

I’m still a bit new to Dynamo. I have Civil 3D 2020.5.2 installed and I’m looking for the Civil 3D styles nodes in Dynamo and I can’t seem to find them. Is it an add-on I need to load, or are they somewhere in the library?

To my knowledge, those don’t actually exist at the moment. The best you’ll be able to do for now is to get the Civil 3D Toolkit package and look in the DocumentExtensions shelf, which has nodes for getting and setting object styles. If it’s label styles that you’re after, you could look at the package by @AdammReilly, but that only gives you read access.

Perfect. The Civil 3D Tool Kit is the answer. Really appreciate your quick response. Just what I needed

@ricksr I created a new package (Camber) that has lots of nodes for working with styles. Give it a try!


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Awesome. Thank you very much. And thanks for including me in this. These look great.



These are great. Thank you



You’re welcome. Glad to hear it!