C# new Node Issue

Hello every body;

I have tried to create my second zero touch node to deal with revit api, with the aids of @Thomas_Corrie in the following topic to catch the geometries inside family by specific subcategory name .

and with the aids of Geremy Tammik :

I managed to write my C# node to get what I want ,but when I get my required geometries according to the specified category dynamo represent those geometries in blue lines as usual but not over the family instance it’s away like below shot for clarification.

while using Thomas node python the blue lines comes over the instances !! I don’t know what i’m missing ? maybe transformation of something like that !!!

here is my code, I will appreciate your always help guys :slight_smile: thanks so much in advance.

There is no any idea ?

You’re using GetSymbolGeometry() but I think you want GetInstanceGeometry().

GetSymbolGeometry() returns the geometry in the local coordinate space of the symbol (i.e untransformed)

GetInstanceGeometry() returns the geometry in the coordinate system of the model that owns the instance (i.e. transformed to the instance location)

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Thomas… You are amazing it’s right man I have to use get geometry instance… It works sooo fine.

Man, thank you so much indeed :+1:

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