Revit LookUp (New update in BriMohareb_2023 package)

Dear All

New update in BriMohareb_2023 package
Now you can lookup the family geometry element from the project and get for each element the ID, Subcategory and geometry.

Also you can use element ID and Subcategory to select all geometry from other family instant.
for example if you need to select specfic point into all family instant,
first get the ID of this point from single instant element by use lookup node.
secand use this ID to select this point from all other family instant

You can get
“SolidElement”, “solidObject”, “SolidID”,“SolidSubcategory”,
“PointElement”, “PointObject”, “PointID”, “PointSubcategory”,
“LineElement”, “LineObject”, “LineID”, “LineSubcategory”, “LineReferance”,
“SplineElement”, “SplineObject”, “SplineID”, “SplineSubcategory”, “SplineReferance”, “OtherElement”, “OtherID”, “OtherSubcategory”, “OtherReferance”

LookUp.rvt (2.9 MB)
LookUp.dyn (21.6 KB)


Does the ids of subcategories have a logical sequence or it’s random issue?

If no, how could you catch the same subcategories from different family instances?

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Hi @ingenieroahmad
The ID of family geometry object is constant into the same project but if you load this family into other project it will be different. For that you can use lookup node to get all family internal geometry ID then use it to get specific geometry (point, line, solid or …)from all family instant into the project.

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