Get family instance geometry on a specific subcategory

I’ve been using dynamo for a little over a year now, and have been able to find most answers to my questions on this forum. However I’ve finally hit a wall I just cannot jump over.

In the big picture, I’m trying to create area lines along an exterior curtain wall. I’ve worked out most of my problems, but I need to have the area line drawn in the inside face of the glass of the curtain panel. In order to keep things simple, I’ve created a line on a specific subcategory within the family called “BOMA”.

In Dynamo I can generate the geometry using the element.geometry node, however at that point it has lost the subcategory parameter information. I can also see all of the subcategories of these panels using the category.subcategories node. I’ve tried using the element.geometry+ from clockwork based off one of the threads on this forum, but that actually eliminates the lines from the dynamo geometry.

As near as I can tell it is possible through the Revit API, because i can get the information using Revit Lookup.

graphGet geometry Subcategory.dyn (7.7 KB)get subcategory.rvt (1.5 MB)