Built in nodes disapearing?

Hello all, I am having a strange occurance, second time this has happened now. Where is seems like some of my builtin nodes are disappearing. I can load a script many times while in the same project, but as soon as I open another project and then reopen that script, the nodes dissapear. How is that even possible? especially since I can just type in IndexOf right on the graph and if finds it no problem. What is going on here please? This is a lot of work to redo everytime. thanks!

Edit, actually I just discovered that If attempt to copy the node, it give the unresolved message as well. What the heck? If you can at all help me today, please do! I am dead in the water because of this.

Hi, what version of Dynamo is this?
Are you in Revit?
What version of Revit? A new install or update?
What addins do you have installed?

I am using Revit 2019.2

I am in dynamo 1.3.4
I installed dynamo sandbox 2.5.2 but put everthing into a different folder.
however I have 6 notifications when I upgraded some apps recently: Bimorph to 3.03, Data Shapes to 2017.8.1, GeniusLoci to 2019.1.28, Clockwork from 1.31.0 to 1.31.1, Steam Nodes from 1.2.3 to 1.2.4.
I made the new installs of GetData 1.0.0 and Dynamo Automation 1.31.1 at the same time.

The packages that I have installed are below.

I don’t understand the connection between sandbox and DynamoRevit… are you trying to use packages for dynamo 2.x in dynamo 1.3? That will likely not work well and is what that message is trying to tell you.

No, there is no connection, I just wanted to try dynamo 2.5.2

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can you also check your log @mix from the console?

Id be happy to, how do I do that exactly?