Dynamo error disappearing nodes

Hi, i write this topic because i don’t see any other topic with this issu … I made my dynamo scripts a few months before, and now i need to use them but when i open them by dynamo all of nodes disappearing . When i open new dynamo script program works very bad and i have problem to create any nodes. I instal new updates but it is nothing change.

I’m using revit 2021.1.5.

Did you have a similar problem? How to fix it? Thanks in advance for answer :slight_smile:


This is caused by a conflicting Revit add-in. Make sure all your add-ins are completely up to date, and if that fails uninstall then in groups until you find the offending add-in.

Your Revit journal and/or Dynamo log may have more info on which add-in is causing the conflict.

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Thank you!!! It was Microdesk Accelerator…