Missing nodes


I have the following issue. Whenever I save a dynamo module to a certain location …close it and reopen that same module…some nodes are missing. Why does this happen???

module with only 1 boolean node

This way Dynamo is completely useless for me…I can’t use it any more

I have a fresh install of the newest Dynamo (2.02) and have a feeling that it’s utter garbage

Just found out that I’m not the only one with this problem:

That is a different issue as it was related to the type of dynamo in use. You’re having core nodes go missing not Revit ones.

Please place a new version of the missing nodes, do a save as, and upload the new version of your graph (here or to another file share if you lack permissions) so we can take a look.

test.dyn (8.2 KB)
I’ve created the following .dyn file and it should look like the picture, but when I reopen the file…all booleans are gone

the console is showing this:

Per a coworker, it looks like an add-in or other software loading a conflicting version of .net. Try this:

Close Revit.
Disable all add-ins.
Remove all custom nodes.
Restart Revit.
Reopen Dynamo.
Open the graph you posted.

If that works you can start adding stuff back in until you’ve identified the issue.

json.net specifically - the library dynamo uses to load and save files as of dynamo 2.0 -
I would look for green notifications in dynamo’s menu bar as well - it might provide hints.


Thanks…I’ve deleted an add-in (Stabiplan) and everything works like a charm.

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you may want to contact the addin author to let them know it is recommended to align to he revit version of json.net. 8 or 9 I believe.

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i had the same issues, for custom python node and builtin nodes.
the issue was cause by PyRevit Addin…

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Is there any chance you could elaborate how PyRevit was the cause? I also use that addin, however in R19 my missing nodes are there. But in R18 the nodes are missing??? Both revits have the same PyRevit addin as well running dynamo 2.0.1

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I’m not sure yet - but I have a guess it may be because pyRevit targets .net 4.7.1 but in 2018 I think the framework used to host addins is older than this. I have not been able to confirm this guess yet, but one could test it by rebuilding pyrevit (which is open source) targeting an older framework version of .net.