Missing nodes




I have the following issue. Whenever I save a dynamo module to a certain location …close it and reopen that same module…some nodes are missing. Why does this happen???


module with only 1 boolean node

This way Dynamo is completely useless for me…I can’t use it any more

I have a fresh install of the newest Dynamo (2.02) and have a feeling that it’s utter garbage


Just found out that I’m not the only one with this problem:


That is a different issue as it was related to the type of dynamo in use. You’re having core nodes go missing not Revit ones.

Please place a new version of the missing nodes, do a save as, and upload the new version of your graph (here or to another file share if you lack permissions) so we can take a look.


test.dyn (8.2 KB)
I’ve created the following .dyn file and it should look like the picture, but when I reopen the file…all booleans are gone

the console is showing this:


Per a coworker, it looks like an add-in or other software loading a conflicting version of .net. Try this:

Close Revit.
Disable all add-ins.
Remove all custom nodes.
Restart Revit.
Reopen Dynamo.
Open the graph you posted.

If that works you can start adding stuff back in until you’ve identified the issue.


json.net specifically - the library dynamo uses to load and save files as of dynamo 2.0 -
I would look for green notifications in dynamo’s menu bar as well - it might provide hints.


Thanks…I’ve deleted an add-in (Stabiplan) and everything works like a charm.


you may want to contact the addin author to let them know it is recommended to align to he revit version of json.net. 8 or 9 I believe.


i had the same issues, for custom python node and builtin nodes.
the issue was cause by PyRevit Addin…