Brick Wall by Dynamo

I have a Wall on Revit, it’s curve both in elevation and plan. So, i would like to repeat a brick set in this Wall using Dynamo. I saw a tutorial that helped me to repeat a brick set through a line/curve in Revit. From this, I established any height and the bricks adapted to this line (using “Curve Coordinates”). However, I can’t get a curve in elevation of the Wall, since this method only can divide equally the bricks by the Wall/curve!!!

there is a way to repeat the bricks importing my Wall (that are curve both in elevation and plan) instead importing a single line? there is another method that i can use to solve this?

that’s my Wall

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hello, here is a starting point:

Thanks a lot!
It align perfectly with my surface. However, the geometry of bricks set does’t work.

it creates me something like that

and I would like the bricks to organize that way, but align with my surface