Align points and solids with surface

Hi there,

I Imported a surface from revit and i am trying to make a running brick wall.

I managed to get the points in the location i need, but the when i translate points and place cuboids they do not align with the surface.

Can someone help?

Wall Grid with bricks.dyn (24.3 KB)

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@jorge.vieira You’ll need to post the Revit file too

Sorry about that.

Revit model attached

Gen Brick wall test.rvt (1.7 MB)

@jorge.vieira This should solve your problem

Wall Grid with bricks.dyn (1.7 MB)


Thank you so much for your help Vikram.

The Cuboids aligned nicely, but the geometry translate is still not on the surface.

Is there a way to translate using the surface as a coordinate system?

Many thanks

@jorge.vieira I suppose this should be alright
Wall Grid with bricks.dyn (35.8 KB)


Vikram, Excelent.

Works Perfect.

Thank you very much

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Hello Vikram!
I tried this on my Wall (I have a Wall that is curve both in plan anda elevation). It align perfectly with my surface. However, the geometry of bricks set does’t work.

Am I doing something wrong?

thank you

I’m sending my file by Wetransfer

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Hello, I would like to create a brick facade which curves in plan and section. The Wall grid with bricks above was very helpful as starting point. I would like the bricks to not ‘warp’ though, so that the orthogonal geometry creates a stepping texture across the warped host plane. I assume this is the appropriate thread, I can include an image to help illustrate what I’m looking for if need be, thanks in advance for any help!