Import geometry to revit as model lines

Hello all!,

Just discovered this forum, full of interesting posts to learn & get better at Visual programming!

I am currently working in a victorian house, and one of the arched windows is designed in a curved wall. I decided to jump in Dynamo to get model lines that would represent the brick texture in the curved lintel, which was quite a nice first dynamo experience.
I have been able to create the geometry that i need (shown in the revit environment in blue as preview), but not sure how to export it to revit as model lines - does anyone have a solution for this?

Many thanks in advance
David Marcos



Hi Alien,

Many thanks for quick reply.

I tried that comand and it got the lines in, so thanks for that! - but they came uncut, so just follow the whole curve circumference. Do you know by any chance a workaround for this?