Boxs to view

Hi all, I have a 3 scope box in a view. I need to create 3 view of floor in 3 scope box. How I can using Dynamo?

Assuming all floor plans are for one level, this should do the trick …
In the example below there are only as many scope boxes as required. If you have more then you will have to filter out the irrelevant ones.
ScopeBoxPlans.dyn (11.2 KB)


Hi Vikram_Subbaiah, I got it. Thanks you very much.

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If anyone reading this wants to filter the scope boxes, this is a solution I created. The bottom watch node is coming from a list of sheets (names and numbers), views on those sheets and the scope box of those views. This tests the few scope boxes I want vs. the total number of scope boxes in the file. You can add in the repeating level creation per number of scope boxes once you gather the scope boxes per level.