Create views from scope box input

I have been trying to make a project-setup graph, that will create views based on the scope boxes selected through my Data Shapes element selection. I can get the scope boxes I need, but I cannot find a way to make my view creating part of the script to run again.

Essentially If I have 2 scope boxes; Overall Building, and Mechanical Room. I want the view creating part of the graph to run 2 times, and from there I have an idea of how to rename all the views.


This is the portion of my graph that is creating my views.

Looking for a way to loop the view create portion ‘n!’ number of times

@J.Wehmer Please post your dyn and rvt (or a link)

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Both the dyn and rvt are work-related, so I cannot send out the files unfortunately :frowning:

I know this does not facilitate the assistance, but I guess this turns my request into an inquiry regarding the possibility of Dynamo running a loop ‘x’ number of times. With each loop process, returning a different value.

I’ve done something similar, well not with datashapes.

My method was to create the view by level as you have. And then use Set parameter by Name for the scope boxes. In the cut back example below I was doing this for a duplicate as dependent.

I choose not to use the keywords of the View Name as a search for the Dictionary key.

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