Modelical Scope boxes to views node does not always work as it should

Hello all,

I am relatively new with Dynamo but super excited, and I hope you guys can help me with some problems I am having with the custom node “Scope boxes to Views” from the Modelical package.

In short:
In some situations the node works fine, while in others it just returns “null”. In these cases the node did create views, but not all of them. It also did not give the created views the correct names.

This is my script:

What the script does:
In our project we have scope boxes for the housing blocks and already have several views (floor plans and elevations) for these blocks. These views always contain the name of the block (blok A, blok B, blok C, etc.). We also have scope boxes for all the houses in the different blocks (BNR 01, BNR 02, BNR 03, etc.). What we want now is to create dependent views for each house within a block.

More info:
As input for the node I have a list with 60 sublists for the views and a list with 60 sublists for the scope boxes.
The problems occur for the houses of Block A and Block B (sublist 0-22 and 57-59 of the list of views). For the houses of the other blocks, the script works fine.
The only difference I can find between the working sublists and the ‘defect’ sublists, is the length of the sublist. The ones for which the script works, only contain 8 views. The other ones are longer (containing 15 or 16 views).

I can only upload 1 image per post (rule for new users) so I will share more images in replies.

The problem:

Some of the results of the custom node:

Hi @sara.gistelinck

Try connecting directly without List.Combine node:

Edit: Is your list of views matching with ScopeBoxes lists?

Dear @Kulkul,

I have tried what you said, but then the node does nothing at all.

I used the List.combine node specifically to get the Scope Boxes to Views node work with nested lists…

Add Flatten node before connecting to views and scopeboxes:

I don’t think flattening will do what I want it to do.

If I use a completely flattened list of the views and flattened list of the scope boxes, the node will create dependent views of ALL views for each scope box, instead of corresponding views and scope boxes.