Creating Scope boxes with Dynamo possible or not?

Is there any way to for example take the bounding box of a room and create a Scope box?

This would be very useful and high up on my list of things I would like to see if not already possible.

Nope - sorry, there’s no support in the API for creating Scope Boxes. :frowning:

What you can do is to use the Element.Transformutils to copy and move those elements, there are few examples in the API-documentation.
You’ll need some Python though.

I sond Thorbjorn, Scope Box API hasn’t been exposed yet. Not possible. What you can do instead is create a 3D View with a section box set to room Bounding Box. You can also fairly easily make a floor plan for each room and set the Crop Region to match room’s Bounding Box. It’s really that Scope Boxes are mostly off limits. Sorry.

I was dreading this would be the answer, as you told me before Thorbjörn :wink:
Slowly starting to make some sense to me this Dynamo thing.

I think the way forward is Konrads suggestion, will do some testing but one problem I have had is getting area and room boundary information from the model.

Tried Lunchbox and Black box versions of Area and Room collectors, both aren’t working for me, they will not find Area objects and the boundary information is sometimes corrupt.
Any suggestions on how to get the boundary of an area object in the most reliable way?

Thank you both for the answers!

What is the end result you’re aiming for here, Mikael? What would you use the resulting scope box for?


I have two different scenarios that I have thought about using them for:

  1. Get a Scope box that is centred around an Area or Room object so I could automate the production of drawings for each tenant in a project.

  2. Centre and create a Scope box around a Door or Window object for use on our Door/Window Schedules. I have an set-up that requiers the use of the real door views on the sheets.

I guess it would be possible to use other solutions but Scope box have two things that I think makes it the best approach if possible, and that is that it is an object I can give a name that I can extract at later stages and use for auto-naming sheets and stuff and it is persistent in a way that a finding and setting the Crop view isn’t.

So I guess I have to think some more or find smart use of other functions/plugins then Dynamo for this.


This is a definition that makes dependent views with an Area’s borders - it works most of the time for me, but the problem can be that the Areas sometimes are not completely closed (Revit close them for you). YMMV I suppose. Areas2Dependents
More Python than Dynamo even though I try not to :wink:

2015-08-14 13-45-04

As for your doors and windows you probably want a Scopebox to get the correct plan view as well as elevation view and then a Scope Box would be nice of course - one way could be to get the location of a door and then copy an existing Scopebox there - there might be some packages doing something like that, I don’t know.

Hi Everyone,

I am working along similar lines. However, I have some grid lines that have disappeared because someone applied a scope box to the grid lines and now we cannot seem to find the original 3D grids to extend them back through the building. The grids have been converted to 2D in every view it seems (all the ones checked) and so, rather than manually checking all views, I was hoping to target the grids via Dynamo and apply a new scope box to OR convert back to 3d OR find a view that has 3D grid extents visible for change. >>> DOWNLOAD Util_INVESTIGATE-grids FILE HERE … <<< I’ve linked to my Dynamo file here in the post.

Ironically, 5 minutes after finishing this post I discovered the solution to my problem. Apparently a scope box has been directly applied to the grid lines instead of letting the grids get automatically cropped down based on the viewport/scope box placed on a sheet. This accident over-constrained the 3 grid lines in question not allowing people to drag bag to proper position. In the end, it was just a pure Revit issue but it would still be amazing if Dynamo could target and transform scope boxes to streamline the documentation process. Problem solved!

I am bumping this thread as it was the first in my google search!! Are there any known updates to the Latest version of Dynamo for Scope boxes. I would like to create a script to create scope boxes for sector plans based on sheet size. Any thoughts or links to an updated thread?

The Revit API still does not allow for the creation of scope boxes.