BIM Coordinator and Dynamo Guru for Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport (DEN) is looking for a new BIM Coordinator. This individual will work as part of the DEN BIM team but with a high degree of independence to:

Insure compliance with DEN standards through regular model reviews and process guidance.

Guide consultants, contractors, and DEN stakeholders in establishing an understanding of DEN BIM requirements and processes.

Test the latest tools and processes for implementation in establishing DEN as a global leader in leading edge BIM processes.

Work with major capital projects teams in a co-located environment.

Develop tools and processes for process improvements, integration with Asset Management, GIS, and other systems utilizing Dynamo, Forge, FME, and other tools.

Multidisciplinary Revit skills a requirement, familiarity with Dynamo a huge plus. Familiarity with Forge, the BIM 360 platform, and/or SharePoint also a plus.

The ideal candidate works independently while still being able to take big picture direction. They will be enthusiastic about being able to push the envelope in areas, while understanding that the trade-off is that there will be a lot of repetitive work as well and that change will be implemented in a culture that can be challenging to change.

This position will post 1.2.18 and is a City position with city pension, health benefits, etc. Salary is in the range of $73-105k depending on qualifications. If interested, please feel free to reach out to me, Brendan Dillon, BIM Manager - Denver International Airport.

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