SHoP - BIM Coordinator

SHoP Architects is currently seeking a BIM Coordinator to support our efforts to use BIM efficiently and effectively to deliver a growing number of projects. You will be working closely with the BIM Implementation Manager in technical support of project teams, developing and implementing standards, and training. This is not a design position.

Primary Responsibilities:

• Developing and maintaining office BIM standards, including project templates, family libraries, and BIM execution plan.
• Weekly meetings with design teams to review BIM documentation.
• Coordinating with key office personnel to align BIM standards with office-wide project documentation standards.
• Conducting internal BIM training on software and standards.


• Minimum of 2 years’ experience using BIM on large-scale, mixed-use projects.
• Strong experience and knowledge of Revit and the BIM process in a design office.
• Excellent communication, problem-solving, and organizational skills.
• Dynamo, Rhino, Grasshopper, Revit API, and programing experience preferred.

To Apply:

Please email your application with "BIM Coordinator – YOUR NAME” in the subject line to


Hi @Vail_Rooney1

Is this the same job position you where looking to hire one year back.

It looks like they pulled back from all of the development requirements from last year’s posts. This is similar but not exactly the same. This time the posting is clearly for a BIM Coordinator/Content Manager with a knack for Programming. Let’s leave it here, and see what the crowd has to say.


I like it. I think it is really cool to see these kinds of posts on here. The perfect crowd for this description in my opinion.


Hello all. Not the same post as last year although it does have the same title. Prior position was for a specific scope of work centered around tool building. This position supports design teams in our office, and helps implement advanced BIM workflows.

If there is a better spot for this or anyone has questions let me know.

Wonder if they’d require New York residency… how about some remote workers in this digital age! :slight_smile:


This position revolves around the 15+ active team/models with 160+ people. We need face time to get the best results!

Two words… Google Hangouts… problem solved! :slight_smile:

@Vail_Rooney1 When you find the best result please come back and mark the post. Thanks!