Blog: The Red Sea International Airport - Pioneering BIM efficiency

Come take a read of our latest blog post by @Karam_Baki on The Red Sea International Airport, designed by Foster and Partners and Jacobs, where he uses dynamo to pioneer BIM efficiency and create incredibly data-rich, complex ceiling panels to 2mm precision :muscle:

The curved form and plan are intended to emulate the desert landscape and will be characterized by five dune-like pods arranged around a central drop-off and pick-up space.


That was Jaw-dropping :heart_eyes:


@solamour ,

The topic with the single core Transaction is intresting, this problem as old as revit. So to “deligate” the task to a core … is this only possible with cero touch.

is there any repository (github) to investigate? or is only C# able to handle transactions by core?



Hi @Draxl_Andreas,

In this particular case, Karam has a super powerful machine and simply opened up 10x instances of Revit, dedicated a single core to each instance and then ran portions of the output (Generating SAT files for later import) on each one.

The problem space is real for sure - and we’re looking at ways to make this even better :smiley: Some hints around a local service mode and “Engine” node that’s in the works allowing users to run different Dynamo graphs in different threads.

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Where can we find the “Engine” node? Maybe in beta stage, please?

We’re just starting work on this! So there is nothing to test yet :slight_smile: We’ll put a post up about getting feedback as soon as we have something tangible!

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