Batch export to .sat, .iges or step

Hi there,

I want to export a big quantity of facade-bearing elements in folded plates.

As they have to correct the tolerances in the building, there are many different pieces.

I would like to export all the copy from these .rfa elements to the solidworks or Inventor of my manufacturer.

To identify the elements, I would like to engrave the metadata on the pieces, or send it along as information in the name of the file.

I know there are some topics on this, but I can’t get them up and running.

Do you have some thougths or nodes to get me started?

Kind regards,


if i understand you right, in dynamo get the element and use Element.Geometry node to get the family geometry, and use Export to SAT node

That’s how I started.

But I struggle already with the filePath, I would expect Dynamo to look at the opened Revitfile.

But Apparently I have to select a file.

I do expect Dynamo to create this file for me…

just open the file path dialog, go to the folder you want to save in, and type the name you want with .SAT

for example “Myshape.SAT”

like this it will create a new file

OK, thank you Khuzaimah.

I do suceed to export the family, but appearently he does export the family, with the data as available in the family itself, and not the instance of the family in the model.

At the end I want to included this data…


I introduced this Family instance parameter to identify the element.

OK, let’s make a list of all the generic models with this name

Hmmm…Asked to convert non-convertible types.

Any thoughts on how I Filter the instances of this family?
Afterwards I would like to use the identifying parameter as the name of the .sat file of the corresponding element…

have you thought about make a 3D view of what do you want to export, ant export it to IFC file ? then import it to solidworks

I guess many workflows are possible. My manufacturers insist on getting each piece separately. (both those in Solidworks or Inventor)

To me this makes sense, in order to manage the different phases.

The geometry of each piece is different, but the structure is always the same. If I can get the metadata from the .rfa objects on the pieces, I do not need to make any shopdrawings for Singleparts, Assemblies …or even overview drawings.

Am I the first to try this?