Batch Exporting Family files (.RFA) as FBX or IFC


I am trying to batch export multiple revit family files as FBX or IFC. I have tried different approaches but have failed;

Batch Exporting as FBX:

When batch exporting as FBX using datashapes or WombatDynamo’s Export as FBX node , Only the revit file that is opened up is converted into FBX in the destination folder. Not all the 89 files that I want to convert. Maybe the Rythm “Open document” node is not working.

Batch Exporting as IFC
I also tried to batch export family files (.rfa) as IFC but I have failed.

PLEASE HELP!! … Your help and input is really appreciated.Exporting_DS.dyn (24.1 KB)
Export IFC 2.dyn (32.4 KB)

hi @waqarkhan9494
You need to load your family (.rfa) to project (.rvt), then export to ifc

you can try this

EXPORT IFC TRY1.dyn (30.6 KB)
I tried this as you suggested. Getting null values and warnings. @daoquocdaiT6WU3

Hi Waqar,
I can see that you’re trying to give input of “files”, whereas it is expecting “path” as input, hence null.