Convert a sat file to a family

Hello everyone! :grin:
I would like to export the geometry contained in the sat file to the Revit family.
However, even though it looks fine in Dynamo, it is reflected in Revit with strange expressions.
Does anyone know what the solution is? :sob:

Hi @k-horiYJ27A ,
share your sat and dyn files.

Thanks for getting back to me! :grin:
Sorry. :pensive:
I don’t know how to share sat and dyn files.
What node do you use?

Hi @k-horiYJ27A …you need create an instance of you familytype i guess try family instance by locatiion after your family type node or try spring familyinstance by geometry


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Thank you! :innocent:
You’re the one who helped me the other day!
I’ve tried to set up the nodes as shown in the image, but every time I try to do so, I get the same error as in the image.
Is there a problem with the solid model? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
By the way, I am exporting a Civil3D 3D solid to a sat file.


could you share that sat ?

Of course!
satファイル書き出し.sat (3.2 MB)
PC床版.dwg (1.0 MB)

Hi @k-horiYJ27A …think you had some scaling issue its very small thats why it fail i guesss ;)…i have scaled by 1000 and it work…for union use clockwork…

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You helped me figure it out!
Thanks for taking the time to help me out. :laughing:

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