Export to SAT file

Hi All,

I’m a newbie in Dynamo.

How to export revit element to SAT file? i tried “Geometry.ExportToSAT” node,

but can’t work…

(I know revit can export SAT, but i want use dynamo to do it.)




Two things you’ll need to do differently:

  • You need to convert your revit elements into geometry and union all the geometries into a single solid (otherwise Dynamo will try to export multiple SAT files).

  • You need to supply a file name along with the directory path.


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Hi Andreas,

Thank you for your reply, i solved my problem now.

But i want to know the “Flatten” & “Solid.ByUnion” node function and how to learn dyanmo can fast pick up ?


Andreas, do you still see that behavior, that Geometry.ExportToSAT produces as many files as there are solids? I can’t reproduce that.

Hi Colin,

if I supply a list of geometries, each piece of geometry is exported to a different file. Since I am only providing one name and not a list of names, that file is overwritten each time:


Two thoughts on this matter:

  1. While I think it’s not a bad idea to have this behaviour, it would probably make sense to have another node that creates a single SAT file from a list of geometries.

  2. If a list of file names is not provided, Dynamo definitely shouldn’t overwrite any files it just created with the same node. So exported file names should automatically receive a suffix if there is no list of file names. I know one of the built-in nodes does that already but I’m not sure which one (I think View.ExportAsImage).


Could this be an improved way to get geometry to Unity instead of FBX?

I am trying to Export sat file using dynamo. When I am running the dynamo script it doesn’t give me any error but it also didn’t generate the sat files.
Can anyone have idea about this problem?
below is my dynamo file.

Thank you in advance

Is this an option to export an SAT file to Inventor?