Batch export from Revit to IFC

Right. Use the DynamoDocumentToDbDocument node from Rhythm package to convert the Dynamo Document to an API Document.

It returns the same error as the one above. Could the issue be that the files are central, by any chance?

It’s better to close Dynamo and try again with the DynamoDocumentToDbDocument node.
Add to your next message, an image of the graph with the the previews enabled under the nodes.

closed both revit and dynamo and re-ran it:

You missed the longest lacing which is not avalaible with only the python script.

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My bad, I thought that it might be helpful if I included the error message, as well. Thank you so much, this seem to have worked! I now just need to figure out why the script output IFC file sizes seem to be quite different from the manual export.

With the Revit interface, you can choose the IFC version and the MVD (IFC3 Coordination view or IFC4 Reference View).
The custom node is more basic and you can’t choose the MVD. (The MVD is only avalaible in the IFC exporter dll)

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