Link multiple IFC files in Revit

Hello all, I’ve a challenge here… Unfortunately its not possible to link multiple IFC files all at once. Now I need to link more then 30 IFC files for a project. Can anyone help me with the python node for that? If possible of course also with the mapping table and template from revit.ini

What makes you say it’s not possible? I don’t have any experience importing IFC through Dynamo or the API but it seems like if you can do one, you can do multiple.

I think @merlijnvanleeuwen means it’s not possible to link multiple IFC’s through the UI :slightly_smiling_face:.

I think there’s a node in the Genius Loci package for this.

Edit: it looks like this method from the API will do it :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @merlijnvanleeuwen,

You can use the Link IFC custom node.

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@MartinSpence, you’re right, thats exactly what I mean :slight_smile: Thanks for the completion and the solution!

@Alban_de_Chasteigner Hi Alban i notice that when i link an IFC file using the revit UI i dont get any errors or warnings but when i use the Link IFC node i do get the message i assume thats because the method implemented in your node converts the IFC to revit ? im not sure whats the difference between the default link IFC and your node since UI link IFC dont gives me any warnings or errors. rvt%20-%203D%20View_%20%7B3D%7D%5D

Hi Ricardo,

The custom node opens the IFC file with default options, save it as a Revit file, creates a new Revit link type with the Revit file and his associated IFC file and then creates the instance of the link Type.
I guess the problem comes from the default options that are different in the UI.

If you share with me your IFC file, I will check if disabling auto-join option fixes the problem.

Hi Alban, thanks a lot for the repply. here is the link to the file IFC File

while im at it, i have struggle a lot to create “merge” of serveral IFC files, it seams that any platform that i try does not have the ability to save a federated IFC file as an IFC file that merge all the sub models. since you know a lot on the subject i was wondering if you have any ideas of how i can resolve this task.

thanks for your time

best regards from Chile

Hi Ricardo,

Thank you for the IFC file.
The problem of the warnings is solved by modifying some options at the opening of the IFC.
The Genius Loci package and the Link IFC node will be updated soon.

To merge several IFC files, you will need the Simplebim software.

Hi Alban Thanks a lot for the Info! will be waiting for the update on Genius!. have a great day!