Batch export from Revit to IFC

Hi there,

I am trying to make dynamo to export multiple Revit files into IFC files.
I found “Batch Export Revit View to IFC” from Bakery but I have no idea how to use it.
Does anyone have idea to make the dynamo for exporting multiple Revit files into IFC files at once?


Perhaps a different suggestion:

If you have IFC exporter from sourceforge, you can select which files. Downside: all files have to be opened in Revit.

Thanks for your suggestion! I’ll try that. :grinning:

Hi @J_Kim,

It’s possible with the packages Rhythm and Genius Loci.
The revit files will be open in background.
The lacing on “Export IFC from directory” node must be set on longest.


Awesome! I didn’t know about the package Genius Loci.
Will try. Thanks! XD

Hey there,

I was trying to do the same task when I noticed it was possible to export several .ifc files from several .rvt files at once by using the IFC 2017 plugin.

Same principle, you first need to open the input files (all at once) in revit. When exporting, you will be prompted to select which files you want to export among the opened ones.

This is the method I used.


Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner ,

I’ve tried your node and almost got it! Thanks a lot.
However, I can not complete export if someone own certain workset(e.g. project information) because we are using central file.
Is there a node that can be used regardless of the workset ownership?


@lkichenin ,

Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner,
I recreated your script for “IFC Export from directory” in Dynamo and I run into one problem. When I try to run the IFC export on multiple files it only runs on the first file. Even happens when I put lacing on longest.

It does run through both files when I use the cross product lacing, but then it does the export multiple times and takes a long time and I I am not sure if naming the files happens correctly.

Do you have an idea why this happens? I am not a python person (yet). But I would imagine I should be able to run the Exporter multiple times when having multiple files.

Thanks in advance,

Niels Oomen

Thanks in advance,

Niels Oomen

Hi Niels,

A possible assumption might be that you want to export a Revit document with its linked Revit documents.
It will not work that way.

With independent revit documents, it works well for me.

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Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner,

You are right with your assumption ;-). I was trying to do Masterfile plus linked file.
Doing independent Revit documents works fine.

At least now I know why it didn’t work.
A big thank you for your time and effort.

Hi Niels,

To export a masterfile and the linked files, you must unload in background the linked files.
In my example below, the host file is the first document.
I open in background the host file, I unload the Revit links and then I open the linked documents.

Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner,

Great example, this makes my script complete.

Did you manipulate the Node “Unload RevitLinkType from document”?
You have a document output with the Revit Link Type output. Mine only shows the Revit Link Type Output.
If edited, could you share your custom node code also?


You’re right, I made a small change in the node to shorten the graph.


Thanks, @Alban_de_Chasteigner,

Works great!!!.

Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner,

Your script works almost perfectly for me, thanks a lot. :slight_smile:
However, one slight problem; it exports everything except the views from one single file in my file directory.

I can export the file using the same script, if I isolate that single document, but not in a batch export for all the files in file directory.

Do you have any idea what could cause this issue?

I have been looking at the ‘All elements of Type in Document’ and ‘Clear List’ nodes.
I can still get the view names, but the actual list of views is not shown just ‘null’ and the number of elements.

Thanks a lot.


Can you show the whole graph with all the previews ?
I do not understand perfectly what you want to do. The input for the view seem to be a null under List.FilterByBoolMask.

Thank you for the quick response.
I hope this will do? :slight_smile:

I’m filtering the views and the view names based on a boolean mask of the view names, so i only export certain 3D views.

TheExport IFC node says success so does the graph above work ?

Can you show the graph that is not working ?

Here you go,
I get an error on the final node as well now.

Actually it seems like it fails on 2 files.