Batch export from Revit to IFC

i think this workflow is for project files, not families.

Do you have any suggestion for families? Thank you

I have a large range of nodes for both Families and IFC export…

I need to convert 100s of family files to IFC which is tedious doing manually. I don’t see any automated solution on that link too. Thanks anyway @Marcel_Rijsmus

so you need a clean revit project file, place the family in there, export to IFC, delete the family and place the next and repeat this proces
i cannot test this (no Revit)

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you have sent me a personal message, but that wont get you any help from the community, so please repost that message here.

It doesn’t seem possible to export IFC from families.
The export option is grayed out in the family interface.
The error with the Export IFC node is “Exception: This Document is not a project document.”

In this case, the desired family file is loaded into the project file and the document .rvt project file is used here but problem remains unchanged!.

you are feeding the filename input with the string {3D}
i dont think you can create a file with a name like that

If you’re working in the Revit file, use the Export IFC node. It’s simpler


Thank you for your help and
time both of you @Alban_de_Chasteigner , @Marcel_Rijsmus

Looks like this issue is the same as this!?

Therefore the same possible solution…
AutoIFCexport.dyn (101.3 KB)

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i’ve tried this in dynamo 1.3 with the node as above but i’ve a couple of warnings.
Can you maybe help me with this?



Your issue has a distant relationship with the original subject, which is more than a year old.
Please, start a new topic

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hi, Alban
your graph works fine but its I am facing one issue

please check the attached file for your reference… After exporting to IFC using this grah the view is not I expect.

Thank you

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Which reference file ?
It is working as expected for me :

Thank you for your reply,
But still i am getting same problem. If u don’t mine can you check with my revit file. Below provided link.


This has nothing to do with the custom node but with the Revit IFC exporter engine.
This is the best I can do with the IFC exporter in Revit :

It cuts half of the floors.

You can post the issue to Autodesk here :

okay thank you for your help @Alban_de_Chasteigner