Bang! for Dynamo Update


Hey Everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to post regarding an update to the Dynamo package “Bang!”. If you are not familiar with it, Bang! helps you review warnings in your Revit model and was released over a year ago alongside Revit 2018. (This is because Revit 2018 added new API methods for getting warnings)

The package has new UI nodes and is all around more refined. It is also compatible with Dynamo 1.3.3 and 2.0.x, and Revit 2018+.

Here are some GIFs of it in action:

Did I mention the drop down is compatible with Dynamo Player?

The latest version is 2018.9.7 and you can get it on the Package Manager! :slight_smile:

Dynamo to Assess the Quality of Revit Model

Awesome! Ill check it out.


I’m extremely green with Dynamo so I apologize up front for my ignorance…buckle up! I ran across the Bang package when searching for ways to create a “Warning View” in Revit and it seems like Bang is exactly what I needed for this. So, my question is if there is a way with the Bang package to isolate ALL warnings by Duplicate Marks? I see inside the “Warnings” node each individual duplicate mark warning but need to isolate ALL Duplicate Mark warnings. I know that there is a way to do this but again, I’m new to Dynamo. I got all exited when I saw a simple script that I could compile with little/no dynamo knowledge and don’t want to have to dive down too far down the rabbit hole…yet. Thanks in advance!


hope it helps


@frenga, this should do it.

The video that @m.rijsmus posted is also a good resource on the thought process. In the latest version of bang, the nodes changed a bit, but the process is very similar.


John, I just tested this and It seems like the issue that I’m having is that if both a duplicate number warning and duplicate mark warning exist in the project that the “All Warnings of Type” node omits the duplicate mark warning(s) and only display the duplicate number warning. Please confirm if you have the same results as it truly isn’t a deal breaker in this process, just a minor inconvenice. Other than this one issue I’m having, this is turning into a great first experience. Thanks again for the replys and patience!


Can you produce a small sample file and share it?


I’m unable to upload files because I’m a new user but I’m able to upload images…hopefully the resolution comes across decent enough to get my issue across. In the top image I created warnings between duplicate wall marks and overlaping elements. In the bottom image I created warnings between duplicate wall marks, overlaping elements, and duplicate numbers. In the bottom image I’m only able to choose between duplicate numbers and overlaping elements (duplicate marks is omitted). Thanks again


Hi John

Would you please tell me under which package I can find All Warnings of Type , Warning.FailingElements, and Warning.Description nodes?
Thanks :slight_smile:


The package is on the package manager and it is called Bang!


Thanks John for your quick response

My Warning.Description doesn’t work as shown below. Do you know why?


The input of that needs to be a warning element type. That would be the one from the first node’s output in your image


Yes @john_pierson ohn. You’re right. It was my mistake. :slight_smile:

Now it works



I’m trying to use this to extract a summary of warnings types to report out general model health and trends. Is there a way to pull all warnings to a single list to then start the sorting and filtering, kind of the way the first release of Bang! did?


Hi @jamesd101, I removed that functionality in favor of the dropdowns. Let me go ahead and add that back to the package eventually.


Fantastic, I look forward to seeing it. Thanks for the help


Thanks John, I was also looking for this functionality.


Hi John,

I still don’t see the node WarningsTools.GetWarnings to your latest package. Is it possible to bring that back?



Actually this is still in the package, just not visible in the UI. (I can revised that in an update)

But it the meantime you can do the following:


The update is now live!