Bang Package not working

Hello everybody !

I’m following a tutorial about warnings in the model so I’ve downloaded the Bang! package but it seems that the package have changed since the tutorial was made because I’m not able to find a node call " All Warnings of Type" , I’ve downloaded other versions of the package with no luck!!, what I’m missing or doing wrong?? , regards

@GavC any thoughts?

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Latest version does in fact have it. Verify your version and update us here.

Other helpful information includes:

  • Revit version
  • Dynamo Version

ok great!! I’ll take a look right now !! many thanks

Yes the latest version have it indeed!!, you’ve right, it was my mistake! I guess installing multiple versions of a package won’t work properly , again thank you so much


Thanks for the callout - sorry I was later than the solution - nighttime in Australia, nice work JP!

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this is funny it was your tutorial @GavC which I was doing!!, thank you for that it is a good tuto!!, best regards from France!!

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Haha I suspected as such (as did SeanP given he asked me too I’m sure)!

Thanks for watching and following along, always great to see people get things out of my videos :slight_smile: