Dynamo to Assess the Quality of Revit Model

Hello Guys
I was searching in the forum to find a post about using dynamo to for quality assessment of the Revit model.
I found the following post but the dynamo script is not clear and cannot be zoom in.


I tried to contact @Johannes_Meiners who posted it but I couldn’t. Would you please send me some posts or information about this subject if you have?
Also, It is appreciated if @Johannes_Meiners could send me a more clear picture of his script.

Thank you so much in advance.

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I also have a script that does a quantity of check.
What are you after exactly? I can’t share that particular script unfortunately

Thank you Marcel

I checked this link. But Would you please tell me whether I have to start with HTML file? How can I convert my revit model into HTML and start quality checking?

Thanks in advance!

go to Manage>warnings and click export for the HTML
as of Revit 2018 you can access the warnings directly i think
i work mostly with R2017 so i can’t check

Thank you so much Marcel

thank @john_pierson
i only showed you a door, you have to walk through the door yourself