Get the Code of a CustomNode (Bang!-Package)

Hello everyone,

i am working on a script that checks the model perfomances.
One part of the things i am trying to accomplish is getting the warnings that appear when opening a revit model. I just found the Bang!-Package by John.
Sadly the whole script is based on working with Linked Docs, so i can’t work with the great CustomNodes John provides.
I was wondering if there is a way to get the Code out of the Node to modify it to work with Linked Docs, or if i have to create the “WarningTools.GetWarning”-Node myself.

With some other Custom Nodes i was able to double-click them to get to their code but it doesn’t work with them. Does any of you has an idea to workaround this?

Greetings, Max

was already answered in a different topic

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also, bang is completely open source. :wink: