Bakery Package Problem

I’m running into a problem where Bakery nodes are not functioning. If I uninstall all of my packages and install only Bakery, it seems to work, but when I include Archi-Lab, LunchBox, Beaker, Rhythm, Clockwork, etc. the Bakery nodes fail to output data. Specifically, I’m trying to utilize the List Phase Elements node. On its own it will return the phase data, but with the other packages installed it outputs null. Does anyone have any insight on what order to install packages so Bakery doesn’t fail? Or does someone have an alternative to this Bakery node?

Probably you have an unresolved block (there are several blocks with the same name in differents packages and Dynamo can’t tell which one you mean.) in the Backery node that is not working.

You can open it per double click (I can’t remember if you are able to see unresolved modules without running the script).

Look for which node is not working and we can try to help you to find a solution.

Everything is golden as far as I can see…I’ve opened the nested custom nodes and everything is all gray - no problems detected. I’ve tried another machine and now the node is not working there either. Something deprecated over the weekend among my systems and now Bakery is broken. I’m at a total loss for why now. Literally nothing has changed from when it was working last week until today. I will have to find another set of nodes or package to get what I need working. I wish Bakery wasn’t such a high maintenance package containing all of the dependencies that it does.

Hi @Cody_Winchester

You could try unistalling all custom packages and manually download from and install them. If your looking to get phase names then you could just copy paste below items into canvas and use getparameter by name node to get phase names.

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