Bakery installation problems

I’ve always had problems installing Bakery, sometimes having to reinstall all the packages to get it working again. The point is that Dynamo routines in the company should be used by everyone, although most people do not know how to deal with Dynamo. So the users have constantly encountered problems in the routines that are caused by the bad installation of this package :expressionless:.

My question is: is there an easy and 100% reliable method so that it can be installed without further problems?
At least something that I can put in a small manual to have a reliable solution (preferably that solves the problem on the whole server, and not from computer to computer).

I found several topics on the subject (the most usefull ones above):

But none of them seems to present a really definitive solution, specially when Dynamo have to be used in many computers, and by people who do not really know how to manage the software.

Hi @luupieper

You can download the package from and unzip the package in your packages folder to avoid any problems.

Hope that helps!

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@Kulkul’s answer is the best one regarding bakery.

However, I want to add that you should check which noted you actually need from bakery. If you aren’t finding yourself using those nodes, maybe the effort for deploying it, simply, isn’t worth it.


Thanks for the replies!

In fact, I tried it this way @Kulkul but even after that, it keeps giving me problems.

@john_pierson I agree, and to be honest, I replaced all nodes from the Bakery on all routines used by the other elements of the team (who do not master Dynamo).

But I decided to ask in the forum anyway… because in case of a good solution for this problem I would like to continue using this package. Otherwise, I’ll prefer to avoid its use.