Bake solids into a family

I need to get Dynamo solids into a Revit family. I can’t seem to find any Dynamo nodes for this… what did I miss???


Hello Santiago Diaz,

We have two nodes ImportInstance.ByGeometries for list of Geometries from Dynamo to Revit and ImportInstance.ByGeometry for single Geometry to Revit.

Try this out and let me know if you are looking for something else.

Keep Using Dynamo!!!



Many thanks Ritesh, yes this is what I was looking for.

Could you please help me understand how this works?

When I run the algorithm, what gets imported into my Revit family is a ‘System Family: Import Symbol’.

The name of the type is ‘545af79a-9308-4bfb-9595-a9fde15a2bf9’. Which I can rename, manually.

The Import Units are in feet, and the Scale Factor is 1.0000.

Where does this system family get saved on disk? I need to share this with colleagues whom do not use Dynamo.

Is there a way to define the name of the system family from Dynamo?

When changing the geometry in Dynamo, I need the ability to choose whether I want to keep the previous version of the system family or replace it with the new version. Is this possible?

Check out Marcello’s blog for more info on SAT imports: