Trying to import a Solid into Revit as a Mass with FamilyInstance.ByGeometry?

Hello, I wanted to use the FamilyInstance.ByGeometry node to import a a Solid into a Revit model as a Mass, but I can’t find it in my Dynamo nodes. I found a link to Github, but I don’t know how to get the node into Dynamo. How can I get the FamilyInstance.ByGeometry node/ is there another way to import a Solid into Revit as a Mass? Thank you.

Use package manager to download Spring Nodes by @Dimitar_Venkov . It’s a must have ! :slight_smile:
the node is now called Springs.FamilyInstance.ByGeometry


Neat, Thank you! It worked! Do you have any advice for other ways of importing a Solid into Revit as a Mass? P.S. I also hate sweet pop corn.

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hahaha great minds think alike! :slight_smile:

I think Spring Nodes is the best package for importing geometry:

I havn’t found anything better to import clean geometry.

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@ErenJaeger You could use ImportInstance.ByGeometry to send geometry to a Conceptual Mass Family (Launch Dynamo from the Conceptual Mass Family file) and then load that family into your project.

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Thank you! That worked as well! :grinning:

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