Automatic Scaffolding

Hi guys.

I’m working on a automatic scaffolding system made with mass element. Actually I’ve an adaptive scaffolding component that I need to replicate over a side of the mass.

I select an edge from the mass, than I calculate the number of element by the lenght divided by the distance, so I have all the points.

The questions are:

  1. How can I split the list into single point list

  2. How can I offset the edge by the face normal direction with an amount of 400mm






You’re almost there :slight_smile:

For the 1st part I’d use List.Map. It takes every item from the list of points and applies a function using it.

For part 2, you’ll need to use Geometry.Translate, which has a few versions. The one I suggest is by direction and distance. It’s Dynamo’s “move” command. You can derive the edge normal with Curve.NormalAtParameter .


  1. I think the List.Map function will do the trick for what you’re trying to achieve.

  2. I didn’t solve how to get the face normal, but I guess you’re one step closer! :slight_smile: I’m sure somebody here knows the trick!

Bilde uten tittel


Edit: And now I see that Dimitar probably has solved it. Nice!


Ok for the first step but I’ve another problem when I choose the other edge


Could it be simpler to use a 2-point adaptive component instead? Then you will have the direction correct if you use the selected edge and its offset by the Curve.NormalAtParameter node.
A simple two point family is attached as example.

Bilde uten tittel_1

2-point adap_scaffolding

Yes it is a simplest way.

Thanks…stay tuned



I have noticed this is an old post but it would be useful to know how far you got with this as i need to model a large amount of scaffolding, did you manage to get it to work full including boards and multiple levels?