List for Adaptive Points

Hi All,

I intend to use x,y,z data to control the placement of an 8 point Adaptive Component using the AdaptiveComponet.ByPoints node. I require a master list combining and organizing the x,y,z data from 4 lists to automate the placement of over 200 instances of the Adaptive Component, my question is how can I use the List Action nodes to order the data as detailed below:

List Joining






















  • 1st list specifies the 1st and 2nd placement points
  • 2nd list specifies the 3rd and 5th placement points
  • 3rd list specifies the 4th and 6th placement points
  • 4th list specifies the 7th and 8th placement points
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David Banks

I apologise for the format of the post, I can’t seem to edit it.

I am trying to do something similar but just with quads.

I have found this to be helpful for a good start


However I am running into the problem where he uses Adaptive Components by xyz which I have not found a package of nor is in my dynamo nodes. So I am attempting to obtain points from the xyz and then plugging that into the AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints . I will let you know if I have any success.


Any chance you can post your images more clearly.?

Hi Jordan,

Thank you for your response, I have attached a clearer image of the list’s I am trying to organize they are from intersection points between points on plan and a double curved surface. I can easily sort them within excel and load the x,y,z data back into Dynamo but I’d like to seamlessly automate the geometry from within Dynamo and reduce human error/time of exporting and importing from Excel. I do believe Slice or Chop nodes can help but I haven’t been able to solve it yet.

List Joining


Hey David,

I think that this will be a really good case for some DesignScript code. Try the following:




Hi Dimitar,

Thank you very much for your post! I understand your code block and have got it to work. There’s an additional logic I need to implement and it’s shown in the image below. For my adaptive component I have component ‘n’ who’s placement can be satisfied using your code block however for component ‘n+1’:

  • n+1's 1st placement point = n's 2nd placement point
  • n+1's 3rd placement point = n's 5th placement point
  • n+1's 4th placement point = n's 6th placement point
  • n+1's 7th placement point = n's 8th placement point

AC Placement Order

And this logic is repeated for all the components that follow. I really appreciate your help.



Hi david

I Know its been a while but im trying to do something similar, would you please share the code block.

Images are not really good so i cant see the order for the code,