Adaptive Component - constraining/correcting offset direction?

Hi, I’ve made a 4 point adaptive component family with a thickness parameter associated with negative offset) - it essentially makes a closed polyline from the points and extrudes it to make a solid form. I’m reading in list of points, and a list of thicknesses to make these components in Revit - my lists contain thousands of components. Generally, it all works except the side that the thickness is applied to is not consistent. I’m 100% sure my point lists are consistently ordered to the adaptive point order. There was a similar post Curtain Panel Orientation which provided a solution to a similar problem, but I don’t know how to find the direction of the adaptive component that Revit has made? (my result isn’t a surface, or curtain wall, or wall component so many of the tools to extract information don’t apply) Or how to I enhance my adaptive component family to make the direction consistent? (As a new user, I can’t upload my family/dynamo graph/revit resulting file, but I have sample files simplified from my project that I can share). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Updated: Here’s a link FILES to a zip file, containing my adaptive component family, a .dyn file, and the resulting revit file that that this .dyn makes. This sample does not have my lists hooked up since they are actually being pulled from Rhino via Rhynamo, and as a result of that, does not illustrate the inconsistent behaviour. I’m hoping someone can show me how to enhance the family or find the normal in Dynamo of this adaptive component. Thanks to @JacobSmall for the tip on sharing the files.

Beat to share the sample files with an open google drive, Dropbox, or similar link.

Hi, any suggestions from anyone? If you really need a set of data that illustrates the inconsistency, please let me know that and I can put that together. I was hoping the knowledge to fix the problem already existed… Thanks!