Change the flow rate by number fixtures connected with a excel file!

Hi guys,
I am looking for a way to change the flow rate in pipe (or duct) by the fixture number connected with excel file !
Some will wonder why! because in my country ( :mountain_snow: ) calculation of fixture units is not the same! ( equation complicated) :roll_eyes:

My example excel : !flow

Does anyone have a track or an example ? :spider_web:
Many thanks for your help

Arguably a silly solution; but have you considered simply doing the calculation within excel and then reading that data with Dynamo?

Exactly, I use Excel to calculate the flow, but I do not know if it is possible to write after on revit (flow calculate on excel) according to the number of fixtures connected to a pipe? Or only to change pipe fitting ?
I found this one for to change the diameter only (from youtube) but nobody gets to make it work) can be because we use excel?
asd.xlsx (9.9 KB)
5.yangın tesisatı çaplandırma.dyn (12.8 KB)


I’m not quite sure what you mean, but I can tell you you can read from Revit, print to excel, let excel calculate and then read that calculated value from excel with a single dynamo script.

Sorry my English is bad ! Yes that’s it! “calculated value from excel with a single dynamo script.”

Let me just say that it is possible.
I’d also like to say that might be hours of work.
I can give you a general idea of which steps to take but I won’t make that for you.
This is a script that is more or less doing that, and as you can see, that isn’t nothing.

First off you’d want to know how to read from Revit, then how to write to excel, then read from excel, and then write to Revit.
Most complicated thing will be manipulating the lists inbetween and that will very much be a case by case situation.

OK, I 'm going to try ! but if you had an example of a diameter change by number fixtures, that would have been great!

I think your “Plumbing Units” column is representing “Fixture Units”? Correct?

If you don’t use these fixture units where you are, then change the families to use a flow rate instead of a fixture unit. Then you don’t need dynamo at all really and your problem goes away. Actually it’d be even better since you can then use that flow to calculate/size your pipes.

If you are set on using Plumbing Units. What i’ve done for something similar is create a project parameter called “Converted Flow” and assign it to your pipes.

Then in dynamo hard code in this table you are using (if its a table that doesn’t change its better to hard code it in then reading from excel, IMO) then from dynamo, you will read in the fixture units in each of your pipes, convert that to a flow and assign it to that variable. to size the pipe you could do something similar using a hard coded table, flow rate and predefined sizes to set the size.

I’ve done this before, but you’ll see that the fittings dont cooperate very well and it takes some extra effort to resolve that problem.

Hi Hammertime,
Thank you for the answer ! But the big problem now , it’s that I’m newbie with dynamo.
Do you have an example with excel file that works. Even if it’s a door or a window category !

Could you share this script?

It’s not a solution.


Maybe be will help. But I tried also using your sample script before but not successful.