Automatic Numbering For Complete Novice

Apologise if this has been asked before, please direct me if it has.
I’m trying to automatic the numbering system of a tower block model, 15 stories x 3 so I’d rather not do it manually.

It is for Doors, Windows and Rooms with some differences.
Door Mark; e.g. WL-00-F002-01
WL is the building number, 00 the level, F002 flat number and 01 is the count.
Room Mark; e.g. WL-00-F002-01
Window Mark is similar yet there’s no flat number; e.g. WL-00-01

I know that the level and maybe the count can be taken from parametric values, and that the building/ flat number may have to be a manual input.

Any help provided will be deeply appreciated.

Door Mark.dyn (11.2 KB) Here a simple example

Hi _Vijay

Thank you for reply, I’ve made a few changes to my project, I’m using some parameters for things I previously did manually. Both Building Code and Flat Number can be taken from the doors/ windows/ rooms identity data.

How could I integrate this.

you can change the parameter name in the code block as per you need.